This script is for building a basic tile server with OpenStreetMap data
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This script is for building a basic tile server with OpenStreetMap data.

Only for use on a clean Ubuntu 14 or Ubuntu 16 install!!

NOTE: Ubuntu 14 uses osm2pgsql 0.82 and Ubuntu 16 uses osm2pgsql 0.88. The versions handle --slim differently. Currently the reload script for Ubuntu 16 does NOT work to add additional PBFs. It can be used to drop existing data and reload new data, but not to append data.

Before proceeding, see for limitations, etc..

Step 1: Get script from GitHub

Step 2: Make it executable:

chmod 755

Step 3 (for non-Latin alphabet):

If using a non-Latin alphabet, ucomment line 24 below if needed:

export LC_ALL=C


Step 4: Run the script

Script usage:

./ [web|ssl] [bright|carto] pbf_url

[web|ssl]: 'web' for http and 'ssl' for https.

[bright|carto]: 'carto' for openstreetmap-carto or 'bright' for openstreetmap-bright

pbf_url: Complete PBF url from GeoFarbrik (or other source)


Load Delware data with openstreetmap-carto style and no SSL:

./ web carto

Load Bulgaria data with openstreetmap-bright style and SSL:

./ bright

Load South America data with openstreetmap-carto style and SSL:

./ ssl carto

Welcome Page

Once installation completes, navigate to the IP or hostname of your server.

You should see a page as below:

installation complete

Click on both the OpenLayer and Leaflet Examples and check your installation is rendering

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