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Documentation Status

Installation Options

1. Script

2. Docker Compose

This script is for building a basic tile server with OpenStreetMap data.

1. Install Using Script

Use only on a clean Ubuntu 18 or Ubuntu 20 install.

Before proceeding, see for limitations, etc..

Step 1: Get script from GitHub

Step 2: Make it executable:

chmod 755

Step 3 (for non-Latin alphabet):

If using a non-Latin alphabet, ucomment line 24 below if needed:

export LC_ALL=C


Step 4: Run the script

Script usage:

./  [web|ssl] [bright|carto] pbf_url

[web|ssl]: 'web' for http and 'ssl' for https.

[bright|carto]: 'carto' for openstreetmap-carto or 'bright' for openstreetmap-bright

pbf_url: Complete PBF url from GeoFabrik (or other source)


Load Delaware data with openstreetmap-carto style and no SSL:

./ web carto 

Load Bulgaria data with openstreetmap-bright style and SSL:

./ bright

Load South America data with openstreetmap-carto style and SSL:

./ ssl carto

2. Install Using Docker Compose

Dockerized OpenTileServer

First build the containers, then start PostgreSQL, renderd, and Apache.


Clone OpenTileServer and change to the OpenTileServer/Docker directoy:

git clone
cd OpenTileServer/Docker
docker compose pull
docker compose up

Add PBF File

$ docker ps (to get container id)
$ docker exec -it ${CONTAINER_ID} bash
$ root@${CONTAINER_ID}:/home/tile# ./ ''
$ docker compose restart

You can access PostgreSQL on 5432 and Apache 80

Welcome Page

Once installation completes, navigate to the IP or hostname of your server.

You should see a page as below:

installation complete

Click on both the OpenLayer and Leaflet Examples and check your installation is rendering

Produced by AcuGIS. We Make GIS Simple

Cited, Inc. Wilmington, Delaware