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incaseoftrouble commented Jun 12, 2021

For unmappedSourcePolicy = ReportingPolicy.WARN or above, one can use @BeanMapping(ignoreUnmappedSourceProperties = {...}) to declare source properties which are omitted intentionally. However, an equally simple dual option is missing. I'd suggest having a ignoredSourcePolicy configuration which warns / fails if an unknown source property is missing. This is useful for keeping this list "in

shyandsy commented May 2, 2021

数据表自带prefix,生成model struct和文件名也都带上了prefix,有办法去掉么

比如我所有数据表都有prefix = xxxproject_, 用户表为

type XxxprojectCustomer struct{


我已经在config.yaml里面制定了table_prefix = “xxxproject_”

orangemug commented Jan 30, 2020

'react-autocomplete' ( is no longer maintained and causing warnings

react-dom.development.js:12357 Warning: componentWillMount has been renamed, and is not recommended for use. See for details.

  • Move code with side effects to componentDidMount, and set initial state in the constructor.
  • R

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