Suggested fix for issue #158 #213

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The FlxObject following a path will continue to move even if they run
out of path. ( see Issue #158 )

This fix adds a "StopWhenFinished" option to "FlxObject::followPath",
as well as some minor changes to avoid repetitious code.

AdamAtomic and others added some commits Aug 20, 2011

Suggested fix for Issue #206
Using the following function names results in Migration Issue warning
from Flash Professional:
onKeyUp, onKeyPress, onKeyDown, onMouseDown, onMouseUp, onMouseMove

Replaced all occurances of those names with:
handleKeyUp, handleKeyPress, etc.
(I hope I got them all!)
Fix for issue #214
FlxU.formatArray() would include the first element twice:
Added `super.destroy()` to all overridden `destroy()` methods
Fixes GitHub issue #171

In some places, `super.destroy()` was not required. For instance, some
classes extended `FlxBasic` which does not have any content in the
`destroy()` method.

However, just to be safe (and in case that function gets populated at a
later date), calling super was added anyway.

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Suggested fix for issue #158 #19

moly and others added some commits Aug 30, 2012

Fix issue #191 - Fixed FlxU.round() giving incorrect results for nega…
…tive numbers

Fixed FlxU.round() giving incorrect results for negative numbers.
Merge pull request #79 from IQAndreas/fix_issue_191
Fix issue #191 - Fixed FlxU.round() giving incorrect results for negative numbers
Merge pull request #70 from moly/fix_#220
fixed #12, AdamAtomic/flixel#220 Incorrect value for moves in FlxText, FlxTileblock and FlxTilemap
Merge pull request #71 from IQAndreas/fix_issue_193
Fix issue #38, AdamAtomic/flixel#193 - FlxPreloader.myURL should take a proper URL
Merge pull request #76 from IQAndreas/fix_issue_206
Fix issue #206 - Migration issues if published by Flash IDE
Merge pull request #73 from IQAndreas/fix_issue_171
Fix issue #171 - Added `super.destroy()` to all overridden `destroy()` methods
FlxObject now stops when it reaches the end of its path
 - Avoided repetitious code (and made it clearer)
 - Fixed minor typo in ASDoc

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@IQAndreas IQAndreas deleted the IQAndreas-testprojects:fix_issue_158 branch Nov 17, 2013

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