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Payara Micro s2i Builder for OpenShift

The s2i-payara-micro builder simplifies build, configuration and deployment of ThinWARs in cloud native environments like OpenShift and docker.

Getting started

The s2i-payara-micro inherits from the payara-micro-s2i and indirectly java8-s2i docker images from Docklands. The base CentOS 7 operating system, Java and Payara 5 are inherited.

Instead of building the universe, s2i-payara-micro configures the Payara 5 server using stock pre-boot scripts, copies 3rd-party libraries like e.g. JDBC-drivers and deploys a ThinWAR from the local folder.

Also checkout the thin.war example.

Payara configuration

Create a asadmin-preboot or asadmin-postboot scripts to configure the application server:

Building the builder

The build is based on Payara Micro 5 s2i base image from docklands, published to dockerhub airhacks/payara-micro-s2i:5.192.

  1. Clone
  2. cd java/java8-s2i/ and docker build -t airhacks/java-s2i .
  3. cd payara-micro-s2i and docker build -t airhacks/payara-micro-s2i:5.192

Now build the builder:

  1. git clone
  2. docker build -t airhacks/s2i-payara-micro .

Installing on OpenShift

  1. Import the image into an image stream: oc import-image s2i-payara-micro --from=airhacks/s2i-payara-micro:latest --confirm
  2. Create an app from the imported image: oc new-app s2i-payara-micro:latest~/. --name=thinwar
  3. Start a build: oc start-build --from-dir . thinwar from a directory with the following contents:
File Required? Description
*.war Yes The ThinWar / microservice
ext/*.jar No JDBC drivers and external libraries
asadmin-preboot No Payara configuration preeboot script
asadmin-postdeploy No Payara configuration postdeploy script
asadmin-postboot No Payara configuration postboot script
env-file No Build-time env-entries

Also see a ThinWAR example

s2i in action

ThinWARs with Payara and OpenShift