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Prism is a rollback/grief management tool for Bukkit
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Prism-Bukkit is a Bukkit plugin that tracks changes to a Minecraft world. These changes can be looked up, rolled back, restored, etc. There are also various anti-griefing tools.

This is a continuation of @viveleroi's work, with various fixes and feature additions by a few GitHub contributors, now maintained by AddstarMC.

For information on how to use Prism, see the wiki.


In 2016, Prism-Bukkit was abandoned in favor of the Sponge rewrite. Shortly after, the AddstarMC team forked the project for use on their own server and has continued maintaining it ever since. With the blessing of @viveleroi, we have now published this to SpigotMC and are providing support on the M.O.S.S. discord server.

Prism only supports Spigot/Paper 1.15+ - We will not be adding support for older versions!


Build Server

Development Builds:

Codacy Badge Build Status Java CI


This is a fork of Prism by viveleroi and is licensed the under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Please see LICENSE or this website for the full license.

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