Welcome to PlexGuide.com! Deploy a multi-app supported Plex Server with an HD or GDrive (Unlimited Space) through UB16/18 - Ansible & Docker - Now with PGDrives & PGBlitz!
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Welcome to PlexGuide.com!

Mission Statement: PlexGuide is an all-in-one media solution that deploys a Media Server through the use of your Local HD or Google Drive; serving as an unlimited back-end storage. PlexGuide utilizes Ansible and Docker to streamline your Media Server, while deploying multiple tools for your Server Operations.

Human Speak: To make your life easy by automating as much as we can so you can spend less time coding and more time watching your shows!

The PlexGuide Wiki: There are a series of topics that you should read to assist you! EVERYONE has rights to edit and/or build new wiki pages. What you know saves everyone time!

Manage PlexGuide - AnyTime, Anywhere!

Vision Statement

The PlexGuide Project is built by new coders for the newest of users! We strive to ensure that our community at all time is friendly, open, and always considerate of others regardless of experience levels. Unlike most projects, we welcome the newest of coders because we all learn and rise together!

SuperTransfer Author Concept Below: Flicker-Rate


Dexxa: Cant believe how it easy it was to install plex and link plex to my gdrive, when i just knew how to install plex on its on, i tried many ways to mount gdrive to my plex and couldnt get it to work, but this did it for me in minutes, I'll be using this script from now on, on all my servers, thank you.

Cyb3rGh05t: hi PlexGuide Team, just want to say thank you to the PlexGuide Team :) you did an amazing job:) Everything is really easy to setup an the interface is also very nice :) Thanks for all the hard work an all the support :) you guys rock :) .Keep up that good work. looking further for new features on PlexGuide :) thanks :)

N|Solid N|Solid


TimeFrame Details
Dec 2016 PG Documentation Established - Vital Skill Learned from taking a Linux Class
Feb 2017 PlexGuide.com was purchased to link documentation
Mar 2017 Started utilizing Reddit For Assitance
May 2017 Started learning about init.d and services to start services (which is important)
Jun 2017 Ran first emulations to update documentation and started playing with docker
Sep 2017 Deiteq Joins as a CoFounder
Oct 2017 Slack First Used for Communication
Nov 2017 Discord First Used Pentagons and many others start beta testing project
Dec 2017 Established the PG YouTube Channel and discovered Ansible thru my pal Desmonic
Jan 2018 Forums Established (Data & Berry help out much) & DesignGears advances project / https solved
Feb 2018 PG Update system built in for better updating
Mar 2018 Flicker-Rate Advances Project; Overhauling Wiki, Created SuperSpeed, and Network Tuning
Apr 2018 DesignGears & Admin9705 implemented PG's Traefik V2 for wildcard SSL
May 2018 Support UB18 - Advance Cron Jobs, Backups, Multi-Image Select, and Multi HD Edition
Jun 2018 PlexGuide Version 6 Released - New Writeup for better stability and readability!

Below is a Funny, but True Process Made By Flicker-Rate