script that makes sure ZNC (SynoCommunity package) is started at boot
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Script which ensures ZNC is started during Synology DiskStation boot procedure.


After installation of ZNC package from SynoCommunity on DSM (>= 6). ZNC will fail to start from "Package Center" due to "Failed to run the package service" error.. And

To resolve this problem you need to manually run ZNC binary by SSH-ing to your Synology and running:

/var/packages/znc/scripts/start-stop-status start

as root user.

However, problem with this is that every time your Synology is restarted to update or any other reason, you'll have to remember to manually SSH and run the ZNC binary, or run it via "Package Center". Needless to say, by default updates are scheduled to run in middle of night ...


Place script under admin user home dir (/var/services/homes/admin)

In "Task Scheduler" of "Control Center":

  • create "Triggered Task > User-defined script"

Triggered Task > User-defined script

  • with following settings for:

General Settings:

General Settings

Task Settings:

Task Settings

With this setup, you don't have to think about manually starting ZNC anymore. Every time your DiskStation is restarted, will make sure ZNC is started during boot procedure.


When run, will check if there are any ZNC processes running. If there aren't any ZNC related processes running, it will run the ZNC binary.