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martinklepsch commented Dec 22, 2017
Classpath conflict: org.clojure/clojure version 1.8.0 already loaded, NOT loading version 1.3.0

If you specify a Clojure version in and don't specify the same Clojure version in your :dependencies you will get a warning like the one above.

Not sure if this is worth it but we could provide some more context for the specific case of Clojure:

Classpath confli
nongiach commented Apr 7, 2019

Add a snapshot feature
arm_now snapshot -h
snapshot create [NAME]: create snapshot of the current VM
snapshot list: list all available snapshot
snapshot use [NAME]: overwrite the current VM with the snapshot [NAME]

use case

$ arm_now start x86-i686
# do some config
# poweroff
$ arm_now snapshot create MyBestVM
$ arm_now snapshot list
MyBestVM: maybe add a description here
$ ar


  • Updated Jan 16, 2020
  • Java
allentiak commented Mar 5, 2019

When comparing the built-ins Guide against, there are five tasks that aren't even mentioned (I haven't checked their names yet, though -- only compared the amount of times deftask is mentioned in the code).

In the case of lessc, one cannot even know which version should be used (the Python one?, the Node.js one?)...


mirceal commented Oct 6, 2018

this conversion can be done on the fly.
document it and/or maybe provide a script that can be downloaded and ran

something along the lines of:

cd /tmp
curl -L >
mkdir -p /tmp/boot
sudo mount  -o loop,offset=1048576 /tmp/cattlepi.img /tmp/boot

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