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jsonfui is an interactive command-line JSON viewer.
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jsonfui is an interactive command-line JSON viewer. Examples


Download Binary

Download latest release from GitHub (does not require node.js).

npm Release

Or, install via npm (requires node.js):

npm install -g jsonfui


To start jsonfui, pass a filename to it:

jsonfui /path/to/file.json

You can also read from stdin instead of a file:

curl -s | jsonfui

You can also write to stdout with Enter:

# list repos, pick one, view on github
curl -s | jsonfui | xargs open

When the application is open, you are in a vim-style tree viewer.

Hotkeys (vim mode)

down, j: down
up, k: up
left, h: go back/up one level
right, l: view child node
<Enter>: send current selection to stdout and exit
y or c: copy current value to clipboard
-: toggle expansion
/: search for string recursively
*: search for value under cursor
n: next search result at current depth
N: prev search result at current depth
<space>: clear highlight


Reading from Standard In

Piped Content

Reading from a File

Local File

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