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This is a Bootstrap 4 based child theme for Genesis, customized to be used in TrustBack:me WordPress sites.

How does this work

This theme is based on Bootstrap 4 and is completely customizable.

You have the ability to fully configure Bootstrap and then compile your theme to a zipped file that can be served through an update server so it can be downloaded by any Wordpress installation that uses it.

STEP 1: Download all the dependencies

yarn install

STEP 2: Create a style.css file from style.dist.css

The style.dist.css file is the file where all the Bootstrap .scss stylesheets are included.

By default they are all commented, so you have to copy the file, rename it to style.css and uncomment all the features of Bootstrap you like to have in your template.

STEP 3: Create a config.php file from config.dist.php

Same thing: copy and rename, then change values accordingly to your project needs.

Development commands

./node_modules/.bin/eslint "./src/**/*.js" --fix &&