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Africa's Talking

A telecommunications solutions provider that offers powerful mobile communication APIs.

Welcome to the Africa's Talking Community 😎

What is Africa's Talking?

Africa's Talking is a dynamic and innovative technology company that empowers businesses across Africa. 📞

Africa's Talking Logo

With a comprehensive suite of communication APIs and mobile-based solutions, they enable seamless interactions between businesses and their customers. Through our platform, companies can effortlessly integrate SMS, USSD, voice, and airtime and data into their applications, streamlining customer engagement and transaction processes. Africa's Talking fosters digital transformation, expanding opportunities for entrepreneurs, developers, and enterprises to thrive in the ever-evolving African market. By bridging communication gaps and simplifying mobile interactions, Africa's Talking remains at the forefront of shaping the continent's tech landscape.

What does the Africa's Talking Community entail?

Africa's Talking Community unites tech enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs across African countries, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and knowledge exchange. 💥

Through a diverse array of events, from hackathons and meet-ups to CTO roundtables and fireside chats among others, the community cultivates innovation and expertise in the technology landscape. At the heart of this thriving network are the highly anticipated hackathons which occur monthly, serving as the main events that inspire creativity and problem-solving. With an unwavering commitment to expansion, Africa's Talking Community continues to catalyze growth and ingenuity, driving Africa's tech-driven future to new heights.

How to join and follow the community?

Join us via the links here:

  • Join our Africa's Talking community page here
  • Join our Africa's Talking Women in Tech community page here
  • Follow our Africa's Talking Twitter page here
  • Follow our Africa's Talking Nairobi Community Twitter page here
  • Follow our Africa's Talking Dar es Salaam Community Twitter page here
  • Follow our Africa's Talking Uganda Community Twitter page here
  • Follow our Africa's Talking Banjul Community Twitter page here
  • Follow our Africa's Talking Women in Tech Twitter page here

How to get started as a developer on our platform?

Very simple... We gatchu!

First, visit our website here. Looks cool, right? 😏

You are also welcome to contribute to open-source here.

Finally, do NOT miss out on our events and communities - They are always worth it!

Stay happy and code on! :)

#WeLoveNerds #BuildWithAT


  1. africastalking-node.js africastalking-node.js Public

    Official Node.js SDK for Africa's Talking

    JavaScript 130 106

  2. africastalking-python africastalking-python Public

    Official Python SDK

    Python 133 118

  3. africastalking-php africastalking-php Public

    Official PHP SDK

    PHP 114 117

  4. africastalking-java africastalking-java Public

    Official Java SDK

    Java 32 46

  5. africastalking.Net africastalking.Net Public

    Africa's Talking API Wrapper for C#

    C# 18 38

  6. africastalking-ruby africastalking-ruby Public

    Official Ruby SDK

    Ruby 7 14


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