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This repo contains materials about things I am publicly committed to


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Pledges for 2024

This repository contains materials about things I am publicly committed to.


I pledge to observe the following principles in my knowledge-related volunteering and personal activities:

  1. only engage in activities where I see sufficient societal benefit;
  2. publicly document my insights into the societal benefits of activities that take up a major part of my time;
  3. take measures to minimize the likelihood that engagement in these activities is detrimental to the health and well-being of myself or others;
  4. encourage open participation, scrutiny and repurposing of the processes and workflows underlying my activities;
  5. release public outputs of my activities under an open license;
  6. present these principles as my starting point when negotiating collaborations with others;
  7. maintain a list of frequently asked questions related to activities covered by these principles;
  8. allow for exceptions, and feed data about them into future versions of these principles;
  9. review these principles at least annually and refine them as necessary.

Background and credits

I have previously used similar pledges when I ran Open By Default, inspired by Erin McKiernan and these were forked from Daniel Mietchen after his new years tweet.


This repo contains materials about things I am publicly committed to







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