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Version 1.0

This is the frontend of the webapp 'Punts d'interès de ciutat' (City's Points of Interest) initially developed by Metodian for Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council). It is created with Ionic 2, a framework working on top of AngularJS. The directory structure is the Ionic standard, dividing page files (each page in a folder with SCSS, TS and HTML template files) and provider files.

You can see the webapp in action at

Development environment setup

  1. Install latest version of Node.js
  2. Execute command line: npm install -g ionic cordova
  3. In project path, execute command line: npm install
  4. In project path, execute command line: cordova prepare

Config parameters

In src/manifest.json:

  • start_url: Absolute URL of the index.html file (icons/src values should be edited too accordingly)

In src/cache.manifest:

  • Edit lines into NETWORK section to add or remove whitelisted external domains including the webapp domain itself

In src/providers/analytics.ts:

  • gaUA: UA tracking code for Google Analytics property. The Analytics property should be created for mobile apps (not web sites) and have a custom dimension with index 1, name 'language' and scope 'session'.

In src/providers/pois-data.ts:

  • apiURL: URL of the PICS-WEBAPP-API. It can be absolute if is published into the same domain or it can be in another domain (always with HTTPS). Don't end the value with a slash.


All translations are located in src/assets/i18n. There is a .json file for each locale. First value of each .json is the key of the copy into the webapp code.

Development environment and testing

Ionic provides a temporary server to test the webapp locally while coding. Some functionality related to Cordova (like Google Analytics or network information) won't work in development environment.

ionic serve


First build the webapp with:

ionic build browser --prod

After the execution, built files are placed into the folder: platforms/browser/www All files in this folder can be uploaded to web server. The webapp should be served with SSL.

To bear in mind:

  • If index.html is not placed in the root of the domain, /cordova.js must be edited after building the app. In line 875 the reference to 'config.xml' file should be relative, adding a period before '/':"get", "./config.xml", true);
  • Manifest and font files must be served with the corresponding mime type in HTTP/HTTPS response headers. A .htaccess example file for Apache servers is available in /src directory.

  • If API is placed in another domain, its server must have CORS headers configured.

  • After building the app with Ionic App Scripts 1.1.3, the generated script build/main.js includes a comment referring to an inexistent file in the last line. For some reason, Safari/iOS reads this line and tries to download the file, so it is recommended to remove the last line:



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