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The completed walkthrough solution
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Akkatecture Walkthrough Sample

This is the sample that shows the completed result of the walkthrough.


  • OpenNewAccountCommand - Command for creating a new bank account.
  • ReceiveMoneyCommand - Command for adding funds to a bank account.
  • TransferMoneyCommand - Command for sending funds from a bank account.


  • AccountOpenedEvent - Event that denotes an account has been opened.
  • FeesDeductedEvent - Event that denotes that bank fees have been deducted from an account.
  • MoneyReceivedEvent - Event that denotes that a bank account has received funds.
  • MoneySentEvent - Event that denotes that a bank account has sent funds.
  • MoneyTransferCompletedEvent - Event that denotes that a transfer has ended.
  • MoneyTransferStartedEvent - Event that denotes that a money transfer has started.


This application is incharge of instantiating and running the walkthrough example.


The application instantiates all the necessary actors and domain entities required. It then creates two bank accounts using the OpenNewAccountCommands for the sender and receiver. Finally, the sender makes an intent to send money to the receiver through a TransferMoneyCommand. On successful execution of this command, the sender account emits a MoneySentEvent that will start a MoneyTransferSaga. The MoneyTransferSaga coordinates and facilitates with the money transfer and tells the receiver account to accept the money. Meanwhile, The RevenueSubscriber, which is subscribed to the FeesDeductedEvent, will listen to all of these events and aggregate a "revenue" that the bank has earned. This result is aggregated into a mock repository called the RevenueRepository. We then query the RevenueRepository using a GetRevenueQuery.

to run the application in jetbrains rider or visual studio code, run the Akkatecture.Walkthrough.Application configuration in the IDE.

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