An Automator workflow to download and extract the complete open source code of any OS X system release.
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Darwin Source Downloader

This is an Automator workflow which can automatically fetch all the Darwin source projects from Apple’s open-source repository and extract them to a designated folder on your computer.


  • Requires OS X 10.7 Lion.
  • You must build and install the Untar Action to use this workflow. Alternatively, you can replace that action with ‘Open Finder Items’, but you’ll end up with 314 Finder windows opened after extraction.


1. The workflow will first ask you to specify an output folder. As an example, I have an ‘APSL’ folder on my Development drive, in which I create a folder named ‘10.7’ or similar, and I select that folder.
2. Next it will open in a pop up dialog. To continue with the above example, you’d click the ‘10.7’ link under the ‘Mac OS X’ header. Once this is done, click OK at the bottom-right of the dialog.
3. The workflow will now download all .tar.gz files to the folder you specified in step 1.
4. Once all files are downloaded, it will extract each archive (when using the recomended Untar Action this will be parallelized using Grand Central Dispatch).
5. Lastly, any tarfiles whose contents were successfully extracted will be moved to the Trash.


At present there is no user interface displaying any form of feedback on either the download or untar steps. The only way to monitor progress is to watch the output folder in the Finder.