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This project provides a set of Ada bindings (aka language projection) to the Microsoft Windows WinRT API and is targeted at two distinct use cases

  • Windows Store applications
  • Windows native Desktop applications

These bindings have been generated from the metadata describing the WinRT api provided in the Microsoft Windows 10 SDK 1803 (build 10.0.17134)


You will need a working gcc/gnat x64 Windows build environment. This release has NOT yet been tested against 32 bit environments. So you may need to build gcc/gnat x64 from source if required. Details/scripts on how to do this can be found on the mingw64 website.

Alternatively you can use the Linux shell scripts in Ada-Mingw64 repository to build a native toolchain on Linux

Build instructions

From a command prompt that has your gcc/gnat x64 distribution/build environments bin directory in its path, simply run the following command. This will do a gprbuild & gprinstall of the WinRT.gpr

  • .\Build.cmd


Please see the appropriate readme within the appropiate directory. The following samples are provided

  • Desktop Examples

    • Ocr - demonstrates how to use the Optical Character Recognition API (via the Storage/Streams/Bitmap API's) Also demonstrates a possible approach to handling async functions/procedures from within Ada (aka C#'s async/await) The other alternative approach is to use delegates/callbacks, which is demonstrated in the Network example.

    • Network - demonstrates the use of the tcp/ip Steam socket to connect to a server

  • Store Examples