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Various scripts to support deeplabcut...
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Various scripts to support DeepLabCut. Feel free to contribute your own analysis methods, and perhaps some short notebook of how to use it. Thanks!

Example scripts for automation of anlysis & training

These two scripts illustrate how to train, test and analyze videos for multiple projects automatically ( and how to analyze videos that are organized in subfolders automatically ( Feel free to adjust them for your needs!

Contributed by Alexander Mathis

DLC1 to DLC 2 conversion code

This code allows you to import the labeled data from DLC 1 to DLC 2 projects. Note, it is not streamlined and should be used with care.

Contributed by Alexander Mathis

Running project created on Windows on Colaboratory

#UPDATE: as of Deeplabcut 2.0.4 onwards you no longer need to use this code! You can simply create the training set on the cloud and it will automatically convert your project for you.

Usage: change in lines 70 and 71 of

basepath='/content/drive/My Drive/DeepLabCut/examples/'


then run this script on colaboratory after uploading your labeled data to the drive. Thereby it will be converted to unix format, then create a training set (with deeplabcut) and proceed as usual...

Contributed by Alexander Mathis

Time spent of a body part in a particular region of interest (ROI)

Contributed by Federico Claudi

Behavior clustering with MotionMapper

Contributed by Mackenzie Mathis

Using DeepLabCut for USB-CGPIO feedback



maintainer: Brandon Forys

A wrapper package for DeepLabCut2.0 for 3D videos (anipose)


maintainer: Pierre Karashchuk

Pupil Tracking

Please direct inquires to the contributors/code-maintainers of that code. Note that the software(s) are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

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