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List Fortress

List Fortress is a website for collecting and viewing tournament results for X-Wing Miniatures Second Edition.

The collected data is used in Pink Brain Matter, MetaWing and Advanced Targeting Computer.

Contributions are welcome. Feel free to make a pull request or send me a message if you'd like to coordinate a change.


When building a new pc, I tried to document how I ended up installing and configuring everything. Check out the more detailed write up

  • Install the version of Ruby found here, a recent version of Node and Postgres.

  • Fork and download the repo: git clone --recurse-submodules + the repo url

  • Check that the submodule files are present. If you didn't use --recurse-submodules then run git submodule init + git submodule update

  • Create an config file by running cp config/application.yml.sample config/application.yml and then provide the db username and password. Slack, Google and AWS keys are optional unless you want to use SSO and log file cloud storage.

  • Install the required gems: bundle install

  • Set up the database: rails db:create db:migrate db:seed

  • Run the task to import xwing_data2 from the submodule: rails update_xwing_data

  • Start the server: rails server or rails s


List Fortress also offers an API for easily exporting tournament data.

You can find a list of tournaments at . Just append a tournament's id to get the participant names, squads and match information if available.