The Alfresco SDK based on Apache Maven, includes support for rapid and standard development, testing, packaging, versioning and release of your Alfresco integration and extension projects
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This is the home of the Alfresco SDK. The Alfresco SDK is used by developers to build extensions for the Alfresco content management system. It is based on Apache Maven, compatible with major IDEs and enables Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Test Driven Development (TDD).


This project is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. If you are an Enterprise customer check the Support section.


User Getting Started

Latest Documentation

To get started with Alfresco SDK 2.1.1 (latest) visit the offical Alfresco Documentation for:

Previous versions Documentation


Sample extension projects that use the SDK, maintained by @ohej in the Alfresco SDK Samples project.

Command reference

A list of supported features and commands, explanation of Maven profiles and commands is kept in the Alfresco Official Docs.

Want to get up to speed quickly in Eclipse? Check out this video!

Alfresco SDK 2.1 howto

Reporting Issues and Community Support

Report issues (and contribute!) here. You can also join the Alfresco list on Google Groups or join us on the IRC Channel.

Alfresco Enterprise Customers and Partners Support

If you are an Alfresco Customer please check the SDK Support status for the version you are using and the Compatibily Matrix for the SDK / Alfresco compatibility. If your version is in Limited or Full Support, you can raise issues via the Support Portal.

Maven repositories

NOTE: For Enterprise and Premiere licensed software access you need to get credential via the Alfresco Enterprise Support. See Maven Alfresco Enterprise setup.

Alfresco Artifacts Repository

Alfresco Releases

You can use the following snippet in your pom.xml to access releases on Alfresco Artifact repository:


SDK Snapshots

To test new unreleased (unsupported) features, you can use the following snippet in your pom.xml to access SDK nightlies (SNAPSHOTS) from the OSS Sonatype repository:


For Developers that want to contribute to the SDK

See the Developers Wiki page.