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Instructions are in the branch named "wiki".

Alfresco PHP SDK


The PHP SDK provides the following capabilities:

  • A PHP library that allows remote access to the Alfresco repository via the Alfresco PHP API
  • Integrations for popular PHP applications. At the moment only MediaWiki is available.
  • PHP templating and scripting capabilities in the repository using the Alfresco PHP API
  • Support for running PHP applications in the repository JVM, with access to the Alfresco PHP API

The SDK was confirmed to work on Alfresco 2.1, but is known to be at least partially broken in versions newer than 3.1. The SDK needs updating to newer versions.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact one of the current members.

This project is not officially supported by Alfresco.

Road Map

Installation Instructions

PHP Implementation

Java Implementation

Developer Documentation