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Presentation of the Alignak project

Alignak project - modern Nagios compatible monitoring framework

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Alignak is a modern monitoring framework based on Shinken.

Its main goal is to give users a flexible and complete solution for their monitoring system. Alignak is designed to scale to large environments.

Alignak is backwards-compatible with the Nagios/Shinken configuration standard and plugins. It works on any operating system and architecture that supports Python, which includes Windows (not yet), GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.

Alignak is licensed under the Gnu Affero General Public Licence version 3 (AGPLv3). Unless specified by another header, this licence applies to all the files in this repository.


Alignak Web Site includes much documentation and introduces the Alignak main features, such as the backend, the webui, the tight integration with timeseries databases, ...

Alignak project has an online documentation page. We try to have as much documentation as possible and to keep this documentation simple and understandable. For sure the documentation is not yet complete, but you can help us ;)

Click on one of the docs badges on this page to browse the documentation.


See the requirements file in the repository's root

Installing Alignak

See the installation documentation.