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Simple living component library with style guide based on Nunjucks, PostCSS, ITCSS and BEM.
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Taiga is a small HTML/PostCSS framework working with Nunjucks for starting a living component library and style guide (foundation for a design system). It's mobile-first based on the principles of ITCSS and BEM.

A getting started guide can be found in the style guide after installing it locally.


Use these options to quickly install Taiga.


How to start

  1. Make sure you've installed the dependencies.
  2. Get the latest version of Taiga.
  3. Go to the folder via terminal or your application of choice.
  4. Install via npm install.
  5. Run via gulp.
  6. Start building and use /styleguide/ as example and inspiration.

Bugs, requests and questions


As UI designer and front-end developer I wanted to have a simple boilerplate to set up a small foundation of a design system with a simple living component library for a new web product. Use it, rebuild it and work from there, do not try to update Taiga.

Taiga is inspired by these awesome people: Harry Roberts, Nathan Curtis, Brad Frost and Dominic Nguyen.

Copyright and license

Copyright 2012-2017 by Aljan Scholtens under the MIT License.

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