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Track Your Time - Cross-platform automated time tracker
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Documentation [en|ru]


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Remember! App will work from the folder where you first launch it. If you want to change the app location - move app folder into a new location, launch, go to Settings and press apply. This will change autostart settings to new location.


Extract archive with windows app in any folder and launch TrackYourTime.exe.

Max OS X

Extract archive with Mac OS X app, move to Applications and launch



  • Windows Manager with _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW property supported
  • XScreenSaver installed

Extract archive with Linux app in any folder and launch checksystem from app folder. Follow checksystem instructions to resolve problems. After that launch TrackYourTime app.

Sometimes app autorun may not work in your environment. In this case manually add application link to autorun. Do not forget to set working dir to app dir. Application can run without it, but icons and localizations will not work properly.

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