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Allure of the Stars is a near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad game. See the

This wiki is for sharing design ideas and drafting content for the game. This is also a dumping ground for any vague or wild ideas and random or non-conclusive gameplay comments. OTOH, concrete feature requests and any bug reports are best submitted using the issues interface. The game is based on the versatile LambdaHack engine, employs procedural content generation evolving in response to player behavior and is written in Haskell.

The game is (or will be) at the same time a dungeon crawler, squad combat game, base building and a space trading game. Inspiring free examples of the first two genres are UnAngband and UFO: AI, both of which the maintainer of this wiki co-developed. No tower defense game was a direct inspiration, but some non-free town defense, fortress defense and spaceship building games could be mentioned here as inspiring examples of excellence, if not for the fear of legal consequences in these difficult times of world-wide gradual loss of personal freedoms.

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