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Simple Game

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Letterfall is a simple game to improve your typing skills.
Type the falling letter before it falls all the way down!


This game requires `guile` and `guile-gnome`.

On Ubuntu, as of 12.04, you should install `guile-1.8`,
`guile-gnome2-dev`, and `guile-gnome2-gtk` (which will
also install `guile-gnome2-glib`).  Debian is likely to
have similar packages.

On some distros, Guile can be installed with different
versions in parallel.  If you then build `(guile gnome)`
from source, be aware that it will properly work with
only the particular version you built with.  Letterfall's
configure script tries to check for `guile-1.8` and
`guile-2.0` and prefers the versioned names if they work
with the `(guile gnome)` on your system.

Installing from GitHub

If you clone directly from a source repository, be
aware that it is not in a state that can be configure'd
and built.

You will need a reasonably recent version of the Autotools
and a reasonably recent `find`.  Then execute the

    ./autoeverything 1

After that, configure and make the usual way.

Sweet Expressions

This small program was written using "Sweet Expressions."
This is a new syntax for lists in Lisplike languages.

For more information see the [readable project][RD].

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