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Helper scripts to aid upgrading magento 2 websites, or when upgrading a magento module

Build Status

This tool looks for files which have been modified as part of the upgrade and attempts to see if you have any overrides in your site. This allows you to focus in on only the things that have changed and are specific to your site.

This tool does a number of checks split into two categories

  • WARN - Warning level items are something that you should review and often require direct code changes. Something you or a third party have customised may need adjustment or no longer be valid based on the upgraded codebase.
  • INFO - Information level items are something that you may want to know, but there is not always direct action necessary. These items are hidden by default and exposed with --show-info.

This tool checks for the following

  • Preferences (in global/frontend/adminhtml di.xml)
  • Overrides
    • phtml / js
    • layout xml
    • html (knockout templates)
  • Plugins for methods which have been affected by the upgrade.
  • Queue consumers which were added or removed
  • Declarative schema
    • db_schema.xml table additions/removals/changes
    • Setup Patch Data patches
    • Setup Schema Data patches
  • Setup Scripts

For a detailed breakdown of each check, an example, and the recommended actions please see docs/

If you have any improvements please raise a PR or an Issue.

How to use

All the below should be used on a local setup, never do any of this anywhere near a production website.

It is most reliable if you use this when the instance has been built and is plugged into a database just in case you have theme configuration stored there. Running this without it being plugged into a database could cause some of the theme analysis to be missed.

Step 1 - Composer update the dependencies then generate a patch

In your project composer install and move the original vendor directory to a backup location

cd /path/to/magento2/
composer install
mv vendor/ vendor_orig/

Update your magento version (or third party module) to the one required, with b2b or other extensions if applicable.

composer install
composer require magento/product-enterprise-edition 2.2.6 --no-update
composer require magento/extension-b2b 1.0.6 --no-update
composer require thirdparty/some-module "^2.0" 
composer update magento/extension-b2b magento/product-enterprise-edition thirdparty/some-module --with-dependencies

At this point you may receive errors of incompatible modules, often they are tied to a specific version of magento. Correct the module dependencies and composer require the updated version until you can run composer install successfully.

Once you have a completed the composer steps you can create a diff which can be analysed.

diff -ur -N vendor_orig/ vendor/ > vendor.patch

By generating the diff in this manner (as opposed to using wget we can guarantee that all enterprise and magento extensions are also covered in one patch file.

Step 2 - Parse the patch file

In a clone of this repository you can analyse the project and patch file.

git clone
cd ampersand-magento2-upgrade-patch-helper
composer install
php bin/patch-helper.php analyse /path/to/magento2/

This will output a grid of files that need to be reviewed and possibly updated to match the changes defined in the newly generated vendor_files_to_check.patch.

For those of you who would prefer to work over these results in a GUI rather than a CLI you may want to check out elgentos/magento2-upgrade-gui

| Level | Type                     | File                                                                                         | To Check                                                                                    |
| WARN  | DB schema added          | vendor/ampersand/upgrade-patch-helper-test-module/src/module/etc/db_schema.xml               | sales_order                                                                                 |
| WARN  | DB schema changed        | vendor/ampersand/upgrade-patch-helper-test-module/src/module/etc/db_schema.xml               | customer_entity                                                                             |
| WARN  | DB schema removed        | vendor/ampersand/upgrade-patch-helper-test-module-to-be-removed/src/module/etc/db_schema.xml | catalog_category_entity                                                                     |
| WARN  | DB schema removed        | vendor/ampersand/upgrade-patch-helper-test-module/src/module/etc/db_schema.xml               | wishlist                                                                                    |
| WARN  | DB schema target changed | vendor/magento/module-wishlist/etc/db_schema.xml                                             | app/code/Ampersand/Test/etc/db_schema.xml (wishlist_item)                                   |
| WARN  | Override (phtml/js/html) | vendor/magento/module-catalog/view/frontend/layout/catalog_category_view.xml                 | app/design/frontend/Ampersand/theme/Magento_Catalog/layout/catalog_category_view.xml        |
| WARN  | Override (phtml/js/html) | vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/templates/cart/form.phtml                       | app/design/frontend/Ampersand/theme/Magento_Checkout/templates/cart/form.phtml              |
| WARN  | Override (phtml/js/html) | vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/web/js/model/place-order.js                     | app/design/frontend/Ampersand/theme/Magento_Checkout/web/js/model/place-order.js            |
| WARN  | Override (phtml/js/html) | vendor/magento/module-customer/view/frontend/email/password_reset_confirmation.html          | app/design/frontend/Ampersand/theme/Magento_Customer/email/password_reset_confirmation.html |
| WARN  | Override (phtml/js/html) | vendor/magento/module-sales/view/frontend/layout/sales_order_print.xml                       | app/design/frontend/Ampersand/theme/Magento_Sales/layout/sales_order_print.xml              |
| WARN  | Override (phtml/js/html) | vendor/magento/module-ui/view/base/web/templates/grid/masonry.html                           | app/design/frontend/Ampersand/theme/Magento_Ui/web/templates/grid/masonry.html              |
| WARN  | Plugin                   | vendor/magento/framework/Stdlib/Cookie/PhpCookieManager.php                                  | Ampersand\Test\Plugin\PhpCookieManager::beforeSetPublicCookie                               |
| WARN  | Plugin                   | vendor/magento/module-adobe-ims/Model/UserProfile.php                                        | Ampersand\Test\Plugin\AdobeImsUserProfile::afterGetUpdatedAt                                |
| WARN  | Plugin                   | vendor/magento/module-adobe-ims/Model/UserProfile.php                                        | Ampersand\Test\Plugin\AdobeImsUserProfile::aroundGetUpdatedAt                               |
| WARN  | Preference               | vendor/magento/framework/Locale/Format.php                                                   | Ampersand\Test\Model\Locale\Format                                                          |
| WARN  | Preference               | vendor/magento/module-advanced-pricing-import-export/Model/Export/AdvancedPricing.php        | Ampersand\Test\Model\Admin\Export\AdvancedPricing                                           |
| WARN  | Preference               | vendor/magento/module-weee/Model/Total/Quote/Weee.php                                        | Ampersand\Test\Model\Frontend\Total\Quote\Weee                                              |
| WARN  | Preference               | vendor/magento/module-weee/Model/Total/Quote/Weee.php                                        | Ampersand\Test\Model\Total\Quote\Weee                                                       |
WARN count: 18
INFO count: 381 (to view re-run this tool with --show-info)
You should review the above 18 items alongside ./dev/instances/magentom24nodb/vendor_files_to_check.patch

Additional options


php bin/patch-helper.php analyse /path/to/magento2/ --show-info

Show all INFO level items, this can be a lot more output and give you a broader view of the system changes.


php bin/patch-helper.php analyse /path/to/magento2/ --auto-theme-update 5

For template files the optional argument will automatically apply the changes to the local theme files.

The fuzz factor defines the level of strict comparing. With a fuzz factor of 0 only changes, where all lines of the context match, are applied. With a factor of 1 the first and the last line of the context is ignored. With a factor of n accordingly the first n and the last n lines. If a change could not be applied, a .rej file with the remaining changes is automatically created in the folder of the template file.

As it is recommended to check all changes afterwards anyway, a big fuzz factor can be chosen.


php bin/patch-helper.php analyse /path/to/magento2/ analyse --vendor-namespaces Ampersand,Amazon

This option allows you to filter the results to only the defined list of namespaces. Useful when you only care about overrides in your project namespace.


php bin/patch-helper.php analyse /path/to/magento2/ --sort-by-type

Sorts the output table by the type of override


php bin/patch-helper.php analyse /path/to/magento2/ --phpstorm-threeway-diff-commands

Also print out a series of threeway diff commands for use in phpstorm

For example

Outputting diff commands below
phpstorm diff vendor/ampersand/upgrade-patch-helper-test-module/src/module/Api/ExampleInterface.php app/code/Ampersand/Test/Model/Example.php vendor_orig/ampersand/upgrade-patch-helper-test-module/src/module/Api/ExampleInterface.php


Helper script to aid upgrading magento 2 websites by detecting overrides. Now supports third party module detections








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