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This is the repository of the AmsterdamCoin Wallet, a full node staking wallet using Electron and Angular at the front-end and .NET Core with C# in the back-end.

Building and running the AmsterdamCoin daemon

The AmsterdamCoin daemon is the backend REST service, hosting a AmsterdamCoin node upon which AmsterdamCoin depends.
The AmsterdamCoin daemon is hosted in another repository. All information on building and running the daemon can be found here.

Building and running the AmsterdamCoin user interface

Install NodeJS

Download and install the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version of NodeJS at:

Getting Started

Clone this repository locally:

git clone

Navigate to the StratisCore.UI folder in a terminal:

cd ./AmsterdamCoin/StratisCore.UI

Install dependencies with npm:

From within the StratisCore.UI directory run:

npm install

Run the UI in development mode

Terminal Window 1

Run the daemon

Terminal Window 2

Use npm run mainnet to start the UI in mainnet mode or npm run testnet to start the UI in testnet mode.
This will compile the Angular code and spawn the Electron process.

Build the UI for production

Command Description
npm run build:prod Compiles the application for production. Output files can be found in the dist folder
npm run package:linux Builds your application and creates an app consumable on linux system
npm run package:linuxarm Builds your application and creates an app consumable on linux-arm system (i.e., Raspberry Pi)
npm run package:windows On a Windows OS, builds your application and creates an app consumable in windows 32/64 bit systems
npm run package:mac On a MAC OS, builds your application and generates a .app file of your application that can be run on Mac

The application is optimised. Only the files of /dist folder are included in the executable. Distributable packages can be found in the StratisCore.UI/app-builds/ folder

CI Build

Every time someone pushes to the master branch or create a pull request on it, a build is triggered and a new unstable app release is created.

If you want the latest (unstable 💣) version of the Breeze app, you can get it here:


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