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Harmony: an Streaming HTML5 Music Server

Choose a port and pick a folder full of music and have access to it from any device with
an up to date web browser! (Currently only tested for Opera Mobile and Google Chrome)

Harmony uses jPlayer, check it out here and

Soon to come
*Add Username and Password support
*Update to make runable on Linux systems under Mono
*Play List
*Video Support?
*Auto Convert Media Type to support more browsers/more media

Author: Andrew Reitz

Status: In a working state but still needs some clean up/optimizations before new features will be added

The reason I created Harmony was I couldn't find a solution that would let me literally play anywhere.  I was tired of having something
that would play on desktop browsers but not on mobile.  I was tired of having something that would play on both but I would have to install something.
So when I found jPlayer that would let you play music in web browsers I knew exactly what I wanted to create, a server that I could easily
setup with a few clicks and could use whereever I have an internet connection.  Right now it works best with Chrome/Mobile Opera, but hopefully
more browsers will start supporting more media types.