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.aprun Don't need to specify modules path any more.
.aptitude Aptitude config.
.bash.d Add perlbrew perl to path.
.colourizer Refactor into general purpose tool
.cpanreporter Track cpanreporter config.
.lists Skip the silly bundle
.local-patches/Linux/Ubuntu Added.
.module-starter Nicer.
.moduletool More stuff.
.perldb.d Disable TextMate support. Added
.sig Added
.subversion Who knew...
.test-runner Added
.todo Fix dropbox loc.
.userscripts Modified
.vim JS template.
.vimperator/info/default Vimperator
bin Reinstate ddsparse.
.Xmodmap Natural scrolling.
.astylerc Remove spaces around parens.
.bashrc Check for interactive shell.
.continuous Added
.ctags Added.
.gdbinit Doesn't play nice with cgdb.
.gitignore Remove atom config from dotfiles.
.gitignore_global Global ignore.
.gvimrc Nicer font.
.hgrc Basic .hgrc. Wider.
.irbrc Added.
.jsbeautifyrc Use js-beautify
.jsindent.json Option renamed.
.mailfilter Fixed CC fuck up
.minicpanrc Remove commented line.
.mostrc Add .mostrc
.muttrc Sorting.
.perldb Increase maximum recursion depth.
.perltidyrc Tweaks.
.prettycssrc Add support for prettycss.
.quiltrc-dpkg More debian stuff.
.ripley Deckchairs.
.screenrc More lines.
.signature Added
.tmux.conf down-pane not universally understood.
.vimperatorrc Vimperator
.vimrc Remove unsupported option.
.xdock Moved
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