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My portable home directory
VimL Perl Shell JavaScript Ruby Smarty
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.aptitude Aptitude config.
.bash.d Add perlbrew perl to path.
.colourizer Refactor into general purpose tool
.cpanreporter Track cpanreporter config.
.local-patches/Linux/Ubuntu Added.
.module-starter Nicer.
.sig Added
.subversion Who knew...
.test-runner Added
.todo Fix dropbox loc.
.userscripts Modified
.vimperator/info/default Vimperator
bin It's work is done...
.Xmodmap Natural scrolling.
.astylerc Remove spaces around parens.
.continuous Added
.ctags Added.
.hgrc Basic .hgrc.
.jsbeautifyrc Use js-beautify
.jsindent.json Option renamed.
.mailfilter Fixed CC fuck up
.muttrc Sorting.
.quiltrc-dpkg More debian stuff.
.screenrc More lines.
.signature Added
.tmux.conf down-pane not universally understood.
.vimperatorrc Vimperator
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