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narcissus: add options for "pre-configured" images

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commit 75503e4e909b652c3e1f7525ff9cefb3026d2f81 1 parent 94d2325
@koenkooi koenkooi authored
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@@ -229,6 +229,10 @@
<input type="checkbox" name="platform_packages" value="gstreamer-ti">Texas Instruments Gstreamer plugins<br/>
<input type="checkbox" name="platform_packages" value="ti-julius-demo">Julius demo for Texas Instruments<br/>
+ <br/>Various demonstration configs:<br/>
+ <input type="checkbox" name="platform_packages" value="task-beagleboard-demo psplash-angstrom">Original beagleboard demo<br/>
+ <input type="checkbox" name="platform_packages" value="shadow bash psplash-angstrom task-base-extended angstrom-task-gnome gstreamer-ti libgles-omap3-x11wsegl bc-cube-x11 mplayer omapfbplay cpufrqutils htop powertop ntpdate libgles-omap3-x11demos abiword gnumeric epiphany memtester">Linuxtag 2010 beagleboard demo<br/>
<br/>Marvell XScale Family:<br/>
<input type="checkbox" name="platform_packages" value="pxaregs">PXA register utility<br/>
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