📅 A complete planner with features like event organizing, Google Calender Sync, weather details, on-screen clock, responsive design and a beautiful UI.
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Productive Calender

A Django based application that functions as a complete planner with features like event management, Google Calender Sync, weather details, on-screen clock, responsive design and a elegant UI.


Most of the calendars currently available online either have a boring UI or if they have a good UI, they don't provide much functionality. So, I built this Productive Calender, which has the following features-

  • Event Management
    You can view, create, modify and delete events, all while staying on the same page.
  • Google Calender Sync
    Just sign in to your Google account and all the events you create, modify or delete will be synced across both the calenders automatically.
  • Weather info
    This calender automatically displays weather details, including the current temperature, minimum/maximum temperature and rainy/sunny conditions for the next few days, all on the home page.
  • Responsive Design
    This was one of the major challenges that I faced during the development of this calender. As the event creation, deletion and modifying was all to be done on the same (home) page, I had to write some intelligent Javascript code to recognise the screen size and place the event (display, add, or modify) box according to the screen size.
  • Elegant UI
    Along with providing all the important functionalities, this calender also has a very elegant UI. For comparison, I am adding some screenshots from my Calender and Google Calender.


Home Page

Home Page

Event addition

Event add

Event viewing

Event view

Multi day events are presented in different color

Multi day event

For comparison, this is a snap of the Google Calender. You can easily see the UI differences



You can Anirudh Goel via this contact form.