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Script to retrieve currency exchange rates and put them in a CSV, plus a CSV with data added every day. Attempts to have a lot of currencies.

Uses the Yahoo Finance API (which has a lot of currencies) to retrieve current exchange rates and stick them in a CSV together with the date.

This repository will be updated once in a while to include daily data.

This should not break when the world changes and currencies appear or disappear -- the script will just retrieve whatever is available and correctly merge the new data with the old CSV. (Therefore the CSV file cannot be append-only. At least it is written atomically.)


  • rates.csv: Data that falls out of the script when it is run once a day (from 2017-01-10). Example thing to do with it:

    from datetime import date
    from currency_converter import CurrencyConverter  #
    URL = ''
    cc = CurrencyConverter(URL, ref_currency='USD')
    print(cc.convert(10, 'EUR', 'CHF', date=date(2016, 12, 20)))  # prints 10.69
  • commandline tool to retrieve the data. Make sure to install the requirements (probably in a venv). See --help.

  • If your venv is called venv and the requirements are installed, this will run and commit the updated rates.csv.

All of this is best effort: I will not be responsible if your world-domination bot makes wrong decisions because of the data/script here.


I believe that the currency exchange rates are public domain, correct me if I am wrong.

I unlicense everything in this repository. But it would be nice if you linked to this repo when you use it.


Script to retrieve currency exchange rates and put them in a CSV, plus the CSV with daily data





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