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CSV is a common data exchange format that stores tabular data in a plain text file. A CSV file stores the data in a delimited text file that uses commas to separate the values.

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SheetJSDev commented Oct 11, 2020

While I try to change header titles by passing array of titles to options like below it does not override the headers. Instead it writes new headers first and original data with old headers again from next cell.

I am experiencing the same problem.

In addition, sheets js is mutating the header array passed in, which is not something I would ever expect.


const head
jimmywarting commented Nov 14, 2020

I think this tool should be as vanilla as possible and only do one thing
web workers, node and deno don't need this unnecessary stuff

that means removing this jQuery bit

most ppl have moved away from the good old days of jquery now where MVC have taken over such as vue, angular, react, sa


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