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Modified file to apply to a stock technicolor GUI
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This is a highly modified and universal version of the GUI installed on all Technicolor Modem/Routers compatibile with (and probably not only):

  • DGA4132 / VBNT-S
  • DGA4131 / VBNT-O
  • DGA4130 / VBNT-K
  • TG788vn v2 / VDNT-W
  • TG789vac v2 HP / VBNT-L
  • TG789vac v2 / VANT-6
  • TG789vac (v1) / VANT-D
  • TG789vac XTREAM 35B / VBNT-F
  • TG799vac / VANT-F
  • TG799vac XTREAM / VBNT-H
  • TG800vac / VANT-Y
with many fixes and new features like:
  • Quick glance statistics page
  • DLNA Fully working
  • Visualise CPU load
  • Show VoIP Password directly on the GUI
  • Upgrade/Downgrade firmware from the GUI
  • Export and Save modem configuration from the GUI
  • Ability to select two channels for the update (DEV or Stable)
  • Eco settings for the CPU and LEDs
  • Easy set up for Bridge or Voice Mode
  • Ability to revert from brige/voice to normal without factory reset
  • Traffic monitoring with Interactive Charts
  • Fast Cache Options
  • DoS Protect Options
  • Improved Traffic Graph
  • Dosens of xDSL Stats
  • Ability to Select many compatable xDSL drivers
  • Ability to install LuCI GUI or sharing service like transmission
  • Spoofing of firmware version to bypass CWMP controls
  • Select many skins for the GUI, like the Fritz!Box one
  • Install extensions like: Telstra Basic GUI, LuCI, Transmission, Aria2
  • And many others...

You can help the development of this GUI by reporting issues or suggesting improvements.
All the infomation can be found here and on the ilpuntotecnico forum ( (To write on this forum you need to write in the presentation section after the first login).

Basic installation instructions for the latest Stable release:

First you need to get root acces to your Gateway

Some Topics to help you get root access: General GUI Topic:,78585.0.html

Then execute these commands (Active WAN/Internet connection required):

curl -k --output /tmp/GUI.tar.bz2
bzcat /tmp/GUI.tar.bz2 | tar -C / -xvf -
/etc/init.d/rootdevice force

You can find all of the autobuilt GUI versions at this link:

If you get an error during the download process or you have no Internet/WAN connection on the device, just manually download the GUI.tar.bz2 file and put in /tmp folder via SCP then execute the other (non curl) commands listed above.

If you find a bug, please report it using GitHub's Issue feature making sure you attach a photo and the log (Run: logread). If you upload config files, please remove your personal details including your public IP and MAC. In the future there will be a button/command in the GUI to generate a debug file.




If you want to donate to the developer of this modified gui use the button below


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