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Apipie bindings for Python
Python Shell
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apypie move the globbing of the cache dir to a helper Oct 7, 2019
docs fix version in docs (#38) Jul 11, 2019
tests make apidoc loading really lazy Oct 7, 2019
.gitignore add more paths to gitignore (#18) Jan 7, 2019
LICENSE document license (#15) Nov 25, 2018 Update URLs after the Github transfer Nov 28, 2018
requirements-docs.txt fix version in docs (#38) Jul 11, 2019
requirements-test.txt add codecov support (#10) Nov 22, 2018
requirements.txt Fix dependencies for pip installation (#54) Sep 9, 2019 release 0.2.0 Nov 4, 2019
tox.ini run foreman-ansible-modules tests (#32) Jun 25, 2019

apypie - Apipie bindings for Python

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