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This page contains a brief overview over the historyof the AppImage project, as well as previous bundling projects.

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January 2004 - Initial release of klik - Simon Peter launches klik, a predecessor of AppImage

December 2005 - reports on klik, the AppImage predecessor

July 2006 - Interview with Simon Peter, creator of klik

August 2007 - Glick - Red Hat employee Alex Larsson releases glick, the first in a series of projects that led to what now is Flatpak

August 2007 - klik2 - the AppImage predecessor now uses FUSE to mount application images

February 2008 - klik at FOSDEM, Kurt Pfeifle and Simon Peter present the AppImage predecessor

2013 - click - Canonical launches click, a package management tool for Ubuntu Touch

December 2014 - Snappy is launched by Canonical

September 2015 - xdg-app, another series of projects that led to what now is Flatpak

November 2015 - Linus Torvalds endorses AppImage, calling it "just very cool"

January 2017 - is launched as part of the software catalog

May 2017 - Open Build Service supports AppImage, can now build and host AppImages, as is demonstrated live at openSUSE Conference 2017

May 2017 - Flatpak Build Service is planned

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