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Using Open Build Service

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Using Open Build Service to generate AppImages

Short link to this page: OBS loves AppImage

This page descibes how to use Open Build Service, particularly openSUSE Build Service, to generate AppImage bundles. An AppImage contains an application and everything it needs to run on various target systems (distributions) that cannot reasonably be expected to come in a recent enough version as part of the default installation of those target systems.


Purpose of this page

This page is about using Open Build Service to generate AppImages.

Current state

OBS support for AppImages was officially announced at the openSUSE Conference 2017 (talk, slides). AppImages can be built successfully on the public openSUSE Build Service (examples). You are encouraged to try to build AppImages for your own packages using this guide. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with us via IRC. In case you encounter problems, please report an issue, and we'll try to verify and fix it.

openSUSE chairman loves AppImage

openSUSE chairman loves AppImage: See his talk (slides).

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