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Open-eObs is an electronic observation, ward management and task management software for Acute and Mental Health hospitals.

It provides the following observations that can be submitted via the mobile interface:

  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Product
  • Early Warning Score (EWS)
  • Height
  • Neurological
  • Postural Blood Pressure
  • Weight

It provides the following tools to assist with ward management:

  • High level Ward Dashboard
  • Interactive charts of observation data
  • Patient Acuity Board
  • Patient Record
  • Patient Report
  • Patient Visit Management (via nh_eobs_adt_gui module)
  • Staff Allocation to Patients

It provides additional ward management tools for Mental Health settings:

  • Patient Monitoring Exceptions (Patient off ward)
  • Rapid Tranquilisation status flag

It provides the following tools to aid in the analysis of clinical activities:

  • Overdue tasks list
  • Ward staff Workload board (grouped by time left to complete task)
  • EWS task OLAP view (via installation of nh_eobs_analysis)


Open-eObs is a set of Odoo modules that allow for electronic observations and builds on the NHClinical set of modules.

We currently develop against our own tag of Odoo, this is to ensure consistency so it's recommended when installing Odoo that you install this version.

Once you've downloaded Odoo, installed it's dependencies and installed PostgreSQL 9.3 you need to update the server.cfg file of your Odoo installation to point to the NhClinical and Open-eObs directories.

After restarting the server you can then log in as the admin user and install the nh_eobs_mobile or nh_eobs_mental_health modules. These install the Acute and Mental Health configurations of Open-eObs.

Additional modules such as nh_eobs_adt_gui and nh_eobs_analysis can also be installed at this stage.


To upgrade the Open-eObs modules you just need to update the Open-eObs modules and press the upgrade module button for nh_eobs_mobile or nh_eobs_mental_health depending on what you have installed.

It's recommended you backup the existing database and module files before upgrading so you can restore should anything go wrong.


We welcome contributions via the creation of issues (for feedback, bugs and suggestions) and pull requests (for submitting code).

You can read our contribution guidelines for more information on how to contribute and what you can expect when contributing to Open-eObs

User guides can be found in the Wiki.


Open-eObs is electronic observation, ward management and activity analysis software for Acute and Mental Health hospitals.



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