Port of the chosen javascript plugin for Google Web Toolkit
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##GwtChosen Chosen is a javascript plugin (for jQuery and Prototype) that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. GwtChosen is a port of the jquery version of Chosen for GWT Web Toolkit. It is not a wrapper but a complete rewrite using the GWT standards. It is available as a GwtQuery plugin or as a widget.


##Stable version

##Maven Configuration




        <name>Sonatype snapshot repository</name>


##IDE Setup

  • Create a git clone.
  • Import the project using Maven.
  • General IDEA and Eclipse project import instructions can be found here.
  • If using Eclipse double check the GwtChosen GPE plugin and see if GWT is enabled.

##Debugging integration tests locally

  1. cd integration-test
  2. mvn gwt:run -Pintegration-test
  3. Open your browser to{test case token}

##Uploading docs and demos 0. Add your Github credentials to ~/.m2/settings.xml

  1. cd sample
  2. mvn clean install site

This will upload the docs site to branch gh-pages to be served at http://arcbees.github.io/gwtchosen.


##Thanks to Arcbees.com