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Qt Visual Graph Editor

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qvge is a multiplatform graph editor written in C++/Qt. Its main goal is to make possible visually edit two-dimensional graphs in a simple and intuitive way.

Please note that qvge is not a replacement for such a software like Gephi, Graphvis, Dot, yEd, Dia and so on. It is neither a tool for "big data analysis" nor a math application. It is really just a simple graph editor :)

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Main Features

  • Easy creation and parameterising of small-sized till middle-sized graphs
  • Hierarchical attribute model for nodes and edges
  • Dynamically maintained list of commutations between nodes
  • Directed, undirected and mixed graphs supported
  • Node ports supported as well
  • Search among the graph elements and their attributes
  • Auto-creation and auto-layout of graphs (via OGDF)
  • Native graph persistence format (XGR)
  • Reading GraphML, GML, GraphViz DOT (partially) and GEXF files
  • Export into PDF and popular image formats
  • Export into GraphViz DOT format
  • Export into GEXF format


Prebuild Windows binaries can be loaded from here:

Github All Releases

Or you can get qvge's sources and build them by yourself. In this case you need to have installed Qt 5.x toolkit and corresponding C++ compiler with C++11 support. qvge uses native Qt build system (main project file is qvgeapp.pro) so it should look like:

cd <directory-with-qvgeapp.pro>
qmake -r

Linux GCC:


or Windows MinGW:


or Windows MSVC:


or by Jom:


Supported compilers

qvge has been built with:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition)
  • MinGW 5.3
  • GCC 4.8 & GCC 5.3 (Linux)
  • GCC 6.4.0 (Cygwin)
  • Clang C++ (FreeBSD)

Hopefully it will be compiled with others compilers, too. If not please do not hesitate to provide description of the issue.

Supported OSes

qvge has been tested on Microsoft Windows 10 and several Linux (Mint, Mageia etc). Theoretically it should run on (almost) any OS which have Qt 5.x installed. It can be compiled & started under Cygwin as well.


qvge uses following 3rd party components:

Extenal Links

qvge at Download qvge

qvge at OpenDesktop.org