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A website that shows you the IPA transcription of a Dutch sentence.

Screenshot - Dutch IPA


  • IPA transcription for every single word
  • Translation into another language (coming soon)
  • Pronunciation of the sentence (planned)


  1. Requirements:
  • Deno (1.32+)
  • SASS
  • an internet connection (for the backend to fetch the pronunciations)
  1. Clone the repository:
git clone
cd dutch-ipa
  1. Set the environment variables:

Copy the .env.example file to .env and fill in the required values.



  1. Start the compilation of SASS:
deno task sass

This will watch the SCSS files re-compile as necessary (only the static/style.scss file is watched).

  1. Start the dev server:
deno task start

This will watch the project directory and restart the dev server as necessary.


  1. Build the SASS files (see previous section)

  2. Build the project (see previous section)

You must have run the project in development mode at least once to build the application (generate routes).

  1. Start the server:
deno run -A main.ts


There is sometimes a thinking emoji (🤔) in the IPA transcription

This means that no IPA transcription has been found for the corresponding word.

There are errors in the IPA transcription

This is because of how the source of data we use works. When a verb is conjugated, or when a word is in plural, the source redirects to the base form of the word.

I am aware of this and am working on a solution.

What source of data do you use?

For the IPA:

Are you going to add more languages?

Eventually, yes.


Get the IPA transcription, the pronunciation, and the translation for a whole sentence in Dutch.