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This is a list of synthesizers and related hardware you can build on your own. All designs are open-source including firmware. Submit designs which is not in list and discuss your building experience.


  1. ATtiny Punk Console — ATtiny85 implementation of Atari Punk Console
  2. Ambika — Multi-voice, hybrid synthesizer. Descendant of Shruthi-1.
  3. Anushri — DIY digitally controlled analog monosynth.
  4. ArduTouch — Arduino-compatible music synthesizer
  5. Arpie — Compact, highly-functional, MIDI arpeggiator.
  6. BE2N — BE2N is a 22HP eurorack module with two specular Benjolins at its core.
  7. Coron DS7 (DS8) — Percussion & Drum Synthe
  8. Drone & Drama — Simple drone synth based on Teensy.
  9. DrumKid — Lo-fi aleatoric Arduino drum machine.
  10. Echo Rockit — Small, portable synth / effect processor.
  11. Faderbank 16n — 16 faders MIDI-controller which is compatible with modular world
  12. Fasma Festival — Yet another Teensy drum machine with clock sync.
  13. Flounder — Teensy based usb midi keyboard + controls + stereo audio
  14. Kelpie — Portable polyphonic digital synthesizer.
  15. LMN-3 — OP-1 inspired DAW-in-a-box
  16. Le Strum — Compact and very simple yet funny MIDI strummer.
  17. Lil CMOS toolbox — CMOS-based semi-modular synthesizer.
  18. Lil' mono — Simple east coast analog synthesizer.
  19. Lunchbeat — 1-bit percussion sounds and a sequencer.
  20. MIDIvampire II — 4 voice drum machine that is powered from the MIDI data line.
  21. Meebleeps Freaq FM — Dual-Voice 2 operator 8-bit FM Arduino Synth with 2-track generative sequencer, Mozzi library, Volca form-factor.
  22. Meebleeps Mutant — 8-Bit 2-oscillator subtractive Arduino synth for generative techno, using Mozzi library, in Volca form-factor.
  23. Meeblip Micro — Hackable monophonic synth based on atmega32.
  24. Meeblip SE — Hackable monophonic synth based on atmega32.
  25. Meeblip Triode — Hackable monophonic synth based on atmega32. It consists of 2 PCBs stacked together.
  26. Mega MIDI — MIDI-compatible Sega Genesis/Megadrive Synthesizer with REAL sound chips.
  27. Mini Dexed — FM synthesizer closely modeled on the famous DX7
  28. Mixtape Alpha — Credit-card sized Atmega328-based 4 voice synth.
  29. NSynth Super — An experimental physical interface for the NSynth algorithm.
  30. NTH synth — 8-bit hackable mono synth.
  31. Nano minipops — Korg minipops made around Arduino.
  32. Noise Toaster — Simple, full analog noise synth.
  33. Norns shield — Norns is an open, dynamic instrument creation platform and musical computer.
  34. OTTO — Digital hardware groovebox, with synths, samplers, effects and a sequencer with an audio looper.
  35. OpenDeck — Open platform for ultimate MIDI control deck building
  36. POLY555 — Polyphonic, analog, square wave synth based on the 555 timer chip.
  37. Polaron — Digital drum machine based on the Teensy 3.6.
  38. Polykit X1 — Full analog, semi modular (!), patchable synthesizer. It is an interface that works in conjunction with open source voice card.
  39. Portable synth — OP-1 style portable groovebox based around Teensy 4.
  40. PreenFM 2 — Preenfm brings the old FM synthesis in small open-source modern DIY boxes.
  41. Protean — ATtiny-based motion texture source
  42. Quantum DJ — Electromagnetic noise to 1bit sound converter
  43. Real SID shield — Digital interface to SID chip (Commodore 64).
  44. S54 (Liv's Synth) — Hybrid mono synth build with full analogue signal path.
  45. Shruthi-1 — Hybrid synthesiser with digital generators and swappable analog filter boards.
  46. Sound Lab Mini-Synth — Full analog legendary design by Ray Wilson.
  47. Sound Lab Mini-Synth MkII — Full analog Ray Wilson's synth. Descendant of Sound Lab Mini-Synth.
  48. Teensy Audio FX — Playable effects modeled on the Teenage Engineering PO series
  49. Teensy Beats Shield — Handheld audio sequencer. PO style.
  50. Totoro 1-IC — Cheap and easy to solder 2 oscillators synth.
  51. WTPA2 (Where is the party at 2) — 8-bit audio sampler kit which does some stuff that no other samplers out there do.
  52. Wee Noise Maker — Pocket size sampler/sequencer with audio DAC, headphone amplifier and audio input.
  53. YM2149 Synth — Neat little chip that was used in various retro arcade machines and consoles, including the Atari ST.
  54. Yowler — Versatile small form noise/drone synth.
  55. ZeKit — 4 voice paraphonic synth.
  56. Zynthian — Open Platform for Sound Synthesis & Processing build on top of Raspberry Pi.
  57. x0x heart — Heart of the infamous TB-303, surgically extracted to be transplanted into your designs.
  58. x0xb0x — Full reproduction of the original Roland TB-303 synthesizer, with fully functional sequencer.