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SwinsianDiscord is a simple menubar app for macOS that allows you to share what you are playing in Swinsian or iTunes/Music App in Discord via Rich Presence. Swinsian is a Advanced Music Player for Mac.

This program works on macOS El Capitan or later and requires Swinsian version >= 1.8.8 or Apple iTunes to work. suppport requires macOS 10.15 Catalina or later. This is Universal Binary 2 compatible.

The logo and the program name, Swinsian is owned by the respective owners.

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To use

  1. Run the App
  2. Click the note icon and click Enable Rich Presence.

Note: You can automatically set SwinsianDiscord to enable Rich Presence automatically by enabling the Start Rich Presence at Startup.

Depending on what music player you are using, it will show the large icon where music is playing. Do not use Swinsian and iTunes at the same time.

SwinsianDiscord is licensed under BSD License.