Fix both butterfly examples #1286 #105

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the JS butterfly example need the Scene object to be referenced so not to be GC'd. I attached it to the Atomic.Player, since that's where it would have been attached if it had loaded a scene.
The CS butterfly example did not have the butterfly emitter with the right mouse button, so that was added.


Thanks for the PR. This is looking good, only issue is seems have C# editor set to tabs... I know, right? :)

+ var mousePos = input.GetMousePosition();
+ createButterflyParticle(new Vector2(mousePos.X, mousePos.Y));
+ }
JoshEngebretson Dec 29, 2016 Contributor

Good add, though looks like we picked up some tabs here 🌮

JimMarlowe Dec 29, 2016 Contributor

hmmm, I blame pasting into monodevelop! fixed.

@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@
// create a scene
var scene = new Atomic.Scene();
+// assign scene into global so it's not GC'd
+Atomic.Player.currentScene = scene;
JoshEngebretson Dec 29, 2016 Contributor

Good catch :)


Awesome, thanks :) We all get a bit of tab (or space) tar on us when visiting the pits :)


@JoshEngebretson JoshEngebretson merged commit 1c9cc28 into AtomicGameEngine:master Dec 29, 2016
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