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SweetAlert integration for Django
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Sweetify - SweetAlert for Django

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Sweetify allows you to use SweetAlert or SweetAlert2 for your temporary messages. See the examples below, to see how to use this library


Note: This package does not provide the client-side files of SweetAlert. You have to provide them yourself.

Install the latest version with pip:

pip install --upgrade sweetify

Then you have to add sweetify to your django apps:


Next up you have to specify, in your settings, which library you are using (SweetAlert or SweetAlert2):

# possible options: 'sweetalert', 'sweetalert2' - default is 'sweetalert2'

Next add the following lines to the bottom of your layout/base template:


{% load sweetify %}
{% sweetify %}



You can now easily create alerts in your views with any of the following methods provided by Sweetify:

import sweetify

# Base method with no type specified
sweetify.sweetalert(self.request, 'Westworld is awesome', text='Really... if you have the chance - watch it!' persistent='I agree!')

# Additional methods with the type already defined, 'Message sent', button='Ok', timer=3000)
sweetify.success(self.request, 'You successfully changed your password')
sweetify.error(self.request, 'Some error happened here - reload the site', persistent=':(')
sweetify.warning(self.request, 'This is a warning... I guess')

Example Usage

import sweetify

def test_view(request):
    sweetify.success(request, 'You did it', text='Good job! You successfully showed a SweetAlert message', persistent='Hell yeah')
    return redirect('/')

Replacement for SuccessMessageMixin

Sweetify includes a drop-in replacement for SuccessMessageMixin. Just replace the Django mixin with Sweetify's SweetifySuccessMixin and you are good to go.

from sweetify.views import SweetifySuccessMixin

class TestUpdateView(SweetifySuccessMixin, UpdateView):
    model = TestModel
    fields = ['text']
    success_message = 'TestModel successfully updated!'


By default, all alerts will dismiss after a sensible default number of seconds.

Default options set by Sweetify:

sweetify.DEFAULT_OPTS = {
    'showConfirmButton': False,
    'timer': 2500,
    'allowOutsideClick': True,
    'confirmButtonText': 'OK',

The following special options provided by Sweetify are available:

# Shows the alert with a button, but will still close automatically
sweetify.sweetalert(self.request, 'Title', button=True)
sweetify.sweetalert(self.request, 'Title', button='Awesome!') # Custom text for the button

# Shows the alert with a button and only closes if the button is pressed
sweetify.sweetalert(self.request, 'Title', persistent=True)
sweetify.sweetalert(self.request, 'Title', persistent='Awesome!') # Custom text for the button

You also can use any other available option that SweetAlert accepts:, 'Sweet!', text='Here is a custom image', imageUrl='images/thumbs-up.jpg', timer=5000)


Use the Makefileto execute common tasks:

  • Install dependencies
$ make install
  • Run all tests
$ make test


Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help:

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