Android application which is implementing Myo hand gesture for Smart Home control (KNX network)
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Home Myo

Home Myo is Android application which was developed as proof-of-concept of advanced Smart Homes control using hand gestures and indoor localization. It was developed as part of mine Bachelor thesis on topic Intelligent Building Control by Hand Gestures, which you can find here.

This application connects two components of the system:

  • Myo armband for hand gesture recognition
  • Basic in-house developed localization system

Short demonstration of the system can be found bellow: Home Myo Demonstration

Currently application can be run only in specific test Smart Home at Czech Technical University, since for it use special local protocol for comunication with the Smart Home. The sames goes for the localization system. But application was designed with this in mind and it provide easy way how to implement different Adapters for communication and localization.

More in-depth information about architecture of the system can be found in earlier mentioned Bachelor thesis.