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FastNoise Lite

Web Preview App

FastNoise Lite is an extremely portable open source noise generation library with a large selection of noise algorithms. This library focuses on high performance while avoiding platform/language specific features, allowing for easy ports to as many possible languages.

This project is an evolution of the original FastNoise library and shares the same goal: An easy to use library that can quickly be integrated into a project and provides performant modern noise generation. See a breakdown of changes from the transition to FastNoise Lite here

If you are looking for a more extensive noise generation library consider using FastNoise2. It provides large performance gains thanks to SIMD and uses a node graph structure to allow complex noise configurations with lots of flexibility.


  • 2D & 3D sampling
  • OpenSimplex2 noise
  • OpenSimplex2S noise
  • Cellular (Voronoi) noise
  • Perlin noise
  • Value noise
  • Value Cubic noise
  • OpenSimplex2-based domain warp
  • Basic Grid Gradient domain warp
  • Multiple fractal options for all of the above
  • Supports floats and/or doubles

Supported Languages

If you want to port FastNoise Lite to a new language create a pull request or discuss it on the discord linked above

FastNoise Lite Web Preview App


A compact testing application is available for testing all features included in FastNoise Lite with a visual representation. This can be used for development purposes, testing noise settings and generating noise textures for export.

Source code can be found in the WebPreviewApp directory.

Simplex FBm

Performance Comparisons

Benchmarked using C++ version with NoiseBenchmarking

  • CPU: Intel 7820X @ 4.9Ghz
  • OS: Win10 x64
  • Compiler: clang-cl 10.0.0 -m64 /O2

Million points of noise generated per second (higher = better)

3D Value Perlin (*Open)Simplex Cellular
FastNoise Lite 64.13 47.93 36.83* 12.49
FastNoise (Legacy) 49.34 37.75 44.74 13.27
FastNoise 2 (AVX2) 494.49 261.10 268.44 52.43
libnoise 27.35 0.65
stb perlin 34.32
2D Value Perlin Simplex Cellular
FastNoise Lite 114.01 92.83 71.30 39.15
FastNoise (Legacy) 102.12 87.99 65.29 36.84
FastNoise 2 (AVX2) 776.33 624.27 466.03 194.30


  • OpenSimplex2 for the OpenSimplex2 noise algorithm
  • @KdotJPG for implementing all the OpenSimplex algorithms and the Java port
  • CubicNoise for the Value (Cubic) noise algorithm
  • @Rover656 for creating the preview GUI and porting FastNoise Lite to C and HLSL.
  • @snowfoxsh for creating the JavaScript port.
  • @dotlogix for creating the GLSL port.
  • @ForeverZer0 for creating the Go port.
  • @Keavon for creating the Rust port.


Ridged Fractal


Cellular Fractal

Cellular Value Warped

Value Warped