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Plustd is a Haxe library in development, aimed at 2D game development, interactive apps, and more - performance-oriented while supporting many platforms.

Currently, it supports:

  • Flash
  • Javascript / Canvas
  • C++ / SDL / Desktop (OS X)
  • C++ / SDL / Phone (iOS is the current WIP)

In the near future, the goal is to add support for:

  • C++ / SDL / Desktop (Windows, Linux)
  • Javascript / WebGL


Warning: this library is in development and any API might change dramatically between releases. Use at your own peril.

To use plustd in your haxe projects, include these lines at the beginning of your make.hxml (or within your command line arguments):

-D PLUSTD_TARGET=<specify target here>
-D PLUSTD_OS=<specify OS here>
-lib plustd
<compilation target here>

Here are the values of PLUSTD_TARGET, PLUSTD_OS according to their intended compilation target and platform:

Platform PLUSTD_TARGET PLUSTD_OS Compilation target
C++ / SDL / Desktop cppsdl.desktop osx, win, or linux -cpp
C++ / SDL / Phone ios or android -cpp
Flash flash (not used) -swf
JavaScript / Canvas js.canvas (not used) -js
JavaScript / WebGL js.webgl (not used) -js
Neko VM neko (not used) -neko

To use the features of plustd, make your class extend and pass appropriate values to super in its constructor. The main function is created automatically if you don't provide it:

import sk.thenet.FM;
import sk.thenet.plat.Platform;

class Main extends Application {
  public function new() {
        ,Optional(Window("demo", 320, 240))
        ,Surface(160, 120, 1)
    addState(new Test(this));

class Test extends State {
  public function new(app:Main) {
    super("test", app);
  override public function tick() {
    app.bitmap.fill(0xFF000000 |;

See the samples and API documentation for more details.

Compiling samples

  1. Make sure your haxe and haxelib is set up.
  2. Run haxelib git plustd master package to make haxelib use the git repo as a source for the library.
  3. Navigate to plustd/git/samples/01-basic/.
  4. Run haxe make-swf.hxml to test the Flash platform, or haxe make-cpp.hxml to test the C++ / SDL / Desktop platform (if you are on OS X). The output will be demo.swf and demo/Main respectively. The C++ build takes a long time when running for the first time.

Package overview

  • .app - Application framework
    • Application base class for simple initialisation of event listeners and input / output devices
    • AssetManager with support for hot reloading (local filesystem or Websocket connection to plustd file watchdog)
    • Embed for cross-platform asset preloading
  • .audio
    • Output - Code-generated audio output
    • Sound - Sound sample
  • .bmp - Bitmap objects and manipulation
    • Bitmap
  • .crypto - Encodings and cryptography
  • .ds - Data structures
  • .event - Simple events + listeners
  • .format - Binary formats for various data types
  • .fsm - Finite state machine
  • .geom - Geometric models
  • .graph - Graph algorithms
  • .net - Network protocols
  • .plat - Platform-dependent code, generally not accessed directly when using this library
    • .common - Code shared by some (but not all) platforms
    • .cppsdl
      • .common
      • .desktop - C++ / SDL / Desktop platform
      • .phone - C++ / SDL / Phone platform
    • .dummy - Example platform
    • .flash - Flash platform
    • .js
      • .common
      • .canvas - JavaScript / Canvas platform
      • .webgl - JavaScript / WebGL platform (TODO)
  • .stream - Streaming for functional programming
  • FM - Fast Maths
  • M - Macro utilities
  • U - Utilities


Haxe library for 2D gamedev and more





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