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Using chrome (32.0.1700.41) and, when I try to select black (#000) by clicking in the iris square and dragging to the bottom left i'm given the color (#0f0f0f). Releasing the mouse and trying again gives me color (#070707). Finally, after trying a third time I'm given the right color.

manake commented Mar 6, 2014

This happens for me too. And there's something more about this issue: you can actually drag the color selector circle outside of the colorpicker. So, after you try dragging it down 10 times you will end up having it 100px below the colors square.

The first issue happens only in Chrome for me but the second happens in all the browsers.


I have the same problem. The only way I could fix it was to offer the user options to select pure black or pure white.


Nothing new about fixing this?


This one is not enough to fix the issue. The problem is that containment option is not allowing .iris-square-value to overflow from it's parrent. I guess we have to somehow switch containment option to Array syntax, but I can't really get it working. Have you tried this one?


I've got a working solution. Will it be included in a next WP release?

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