Added magnetometer, pressure, temperature, and wind speed information to new message navdata2 #2

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younata commented Aug 1, 2012

Added a new message: ardrone/navdata2
This contains navdata information from sensors available only to the ARDrone 2 (though, not sure about wind speed).

I also added checking for subscribers to some of the publishers. navdata, navdata2, image_raw, front/image_raw, and bottom/image_raw have this optimization added.

@mani-monaj mani-monaj was assigned Aug 1, 2012

Thank you very much for this great addition.

As I understood from skimming through the diffs, there is going to be two topics to publish into after this change.

What I suggest is to merge (unify) Navdata2 to Navdata. For ARDrone1 we can just not update Drone2's specific fields.

The fix for not sending data while no one is listening is a good idea.

@mani-monaj mani-monaj commented on the diff Aug 1, 2012
@@ -31,10 +31,10 @@
NAVDATA_OPTION( navdata_adc_data_frame_t, navdata_adc_data_frame , NAVDATA_ADC_DATA_FRAME_TAG )
NAVDATA_OPTION( navdata_video_stream_t, navdata_video_stream , NAVDATA_VIDEO_STREAM_TAG )
NAVDATA_OPTION( navdata_games_t, navdata_games , NAVDATA_GAMES_TAG )
-NAVDATA_OPTION( navdata_pressure_raw_t, navdata_pressure_raw , NAVDATA_PRESSURE_RAW_TAG )
-NAVDATA_OPTION( navdata_magneto_t, navdata_magneto , NAVDATA_MAGNETO_TAG )
-NAVDATA_OPTION( navdata_wind_speed_t, navdata_wind_speed , NAVDATA_WIND_TAG )
-NAVDATA_OPTION( navdata_kalman_pressure_t,navdata_kalman_pressure , NAVDATA_KALMAN_PRESSURE_TAG )
+NAVDATA_OPTION( navdata_pressure_raw_t, navdata_pressure_raw , NAVDATA_PRESSURE_RAW_TAG )
mani-monaj Aug 1, 2012 Member

Has anything changed here?

younata Aug 1, 2012 Contributor

passed that file through a tab-to-space converter. Nothing of consequence changed.

@mani-monaj mani-monaj merged commit d0f3502 into AutonomyLab:master Aug 1, 2012
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